Don's Deployment To Iraq, 2004-2005


Well, here are some more pictures, taken during a convoy to Fallujah and Baghdad.  These were taken October 18th, 2004.

Above, one of Saddam's palaces. I understand we have done some interior & exterior alterations to this and other of his homes.  Funny thing is that these redesigns were featured on Fox News Channel, and not on the Discovery Channel.


Above, a building in Baghdad (Ba'ath Party HQ) which received some redesigns as well,  courtesy of Shock & Awe, Inc.

Above, the sign says it all (Just visiting).

Above, myself & HM2 Leonard Fields.  We drove the ambulance on this particular convoy.

Above, me again, in Fallujah.


Above, Riding  Main Supply Route "Boston" from Fallujah to Baghdad.

The 2 pictures below would be Abu Garaib. This place is known for a scandal of how prisoners were allegedly mistreated.



Below, entering the "Green Zone" in Baghdad.  As you can see, a water main has evidently broke, making for an interesting ride.

The 2 pictures below made the headlines in October 2004.  A terrorist's bomb went off in this popular "Green Zone" shopping district.

I have mistakenly posted previously that statue pics below were originally the place of the famous Saddam statue that was "pulled down" during the 1st portion of the Iraq conflict.  This is not the case....but here's this statue anyway!




Well, here I am, SOMEWHERE  in Iraq, 21 September 2004
(A compound on the grounds of Baghdad Int'l Airport)